Updates and Additions October 26th, 2001
Bards can do Weaponcrafting!

Yes Bards can to weaponcrafting.  The starting out guideline has been updated to show this.

-- Coyan

New NPC spotted in Tir Na Nog

We have the honor of having Darcy with us in Tir Na Nog now.  She is Saffa's assistant and can provide you with all your tailoring needs.

-- Astrina

Tips and Tricks begins

Findeluen, a guildmate and friend has provided us the beginning of Tips and Tricks guidelines.  If you have found a really nice tip, or you know something that few have figured out that will help your fellow Trades folks, send us your tip or trick and we will be happy to add it to the Tips and Tricks guideline.

-- Coyan and Astrina

Some arrows require the Lathe

Many of the Fletchers in our realm have come forward and told us that some arrows require the lathe to produce.  It turns out that footed arrows need the lathe to be made shapely enough for flight.  The Fletching guideline has been updated to show this.

-- Coyan

News and updates October 25th, 2001
Rangers can do Weaponcrafting!

A number of rangers have sent us information confirming that Rangers can do weapon crafting. We have updated the Starting out guideline to reflect this.

-- Astrina

Cloth armor and Leather armor

The Cloth and Leather armor pages under Finished Items have been updated. The update reflects the changes in consignment profits mentioned yesterday.

Reinforced armor

The Reinforced armor page under Finished Items, has been updated. The update reflects the changes in consignment profits mentioned yesterday.

-- Coyan

News October 24th, 2001
Consignment Profits in question

We must apologize for some inconsistencies in the tables regarding consignments. Most of the information dealing with the profit made and the coin collected from consignments, was collected during Beta. A few players have brought it to our attention that the prices we have quoted in the tables was higher than what they were seeing. Last night we confirmed that the percentage we all make from consignments is about 10% less than it was during beta. I can only guess this was done to balance the economy of the game. We will be updating our pages over the next few days to reflect the correct information.
For those of you that really like to build spreadsheets and collect the information, here are the numbers. A consignment will pay 75% of the Merchant cost for an item that is 90% quality. For each 1% over 90% of quality, the consignment will pay 1% of the merchant cost. So 91% will pay 76%, 92% will pay 77%, etc.

-- Coyan and Astrina

News and updates October 23rd, 2001
A beginning page for Siege Crafting

To the left you will see a new link for siege crafting. Its very basic information that is just starting to be put together by the folks that have finally reached the lofty rank of Junior smith/tailor/etc.
If you have additional information, like from fletching or weaponcrafting, we would really appreciate your additions. We are here to help our realm defeat the Midgardians and the Albions. This information being accurate will be a major boon for our realm!


Bards making Weapons?

I have a player that mentioned that Bards can be weaponcrafters. Is this true?  If you have had the pleasure of choosing weaponcrafting, and you are a Bard in Hibernia, would you please contact us and let us know.  We would like to keep the guidelines as up to date as possible.

-- Coyan

News October 22nd, 2001
A great armor crafting tool

Lothoadin has provided us a link to a wonderful tool he constructed using Excel.  He has put it on the web here.   I think it is one of the better tools I have seen using Excel in a long time, and I do such things for a living.  It will allow you to choose leather, reinforced or scale catagories.  Then you can select what material and type of armor you are interested in making.  It will give you all the materials you need, the cost of the materials, the profit based upon a percentage markup that you can dynamically change.   Great job Lothoadin!


Updates October 21st, 2001
Update to the finished items pages

We have updated the weapons page to include shields and all their costs. Thanks goes to Assistant weaponsmith Shazrak and Junior assistant weaponsmith Redoak.

We have added many new tables of information to the Reinforced armor page.  These table include merchant cost, consignment values, profits and losses.


Updates October 18th, 2001
Update to the Fletching Page

  Some of the fine folks of Hibernia have been very helpful with continuing the filling in of the fletching table under Finished items.  If you are an up and coming fletcher, we hope this additional information will help!
  I want to really thank Kaelin/Percival and Kadina/Palomides for the information they have sent in regards to fletching.
  We have been provided some additional information about the arrows from Kadina.   I am going to figure a way to put them on the same page so everyone can benefit from her knowledge and experience.

-- Coyan

News October 17th, 2001
Correction from Nightshades

I have heard from a number of nightshades that they also have the option of being a weapon crafter.  I have added this choice to the list of primary trade skills in the starting out guideline.

Update to the Leather armor page

The leather armor page under Finished items has been updated to reflect the same type of information that is on the cloth armor page.  Now you can see what profits are to be made with consignments, what the merchants charge for leather armor. Perhaps you can figure out how to make some coin and provide our great Realm the best in cloth or leather armor!

-- Coyan

News October 16th, 2001
Shields have been corrected

They have corrected our shield problem in Hibernia.  Even though it may say that you need bronze and iron for making shields, you can now use copper and ferrite!   This should be a wonderful boost for those weaponcrafters out there that have been trying to find ways around the consignments.

Serrilynn, an up and coming weaponcrafter, mentioned that it is more cost effective to just make the copper round shields until you don't gain skill, than it is to do consignments during that range of skill.  The range is from 80 to 125.  You will lose about 25 copper per shield by selling them back to the merchants.

Page updates

On another note, we will be putting up the Merchant's cost for each item that crafters can make either tonight or tomorrow.  That should provide more information for those that want to push their skills when they have a few coin to spend.

We now have alot more information on the Cloth Armor page dealing with merchant cost and consignment profits.  Please take a look and let us know what you think of the format.

  Due to popular demand, we have added a set cost on the table that shows the cost to the trader on both the cloth and leather armor pages.  We will add the same information on the other item pages as we update each page.

Look for a UPD symbol next to the pages on the left.  It shows that these pages have been updated in the last 2 days.

-- Coyan and Astrina

News and updates October 14th, 2001
Some News about weaponcrafting and shields.
First, you can make the bronze shields but its not trivial. Find Creatures outside the city that are kind enough to give up Bronze weapons in their death throes. Then drop the item on the ground, click on it once and type /salvage. You should get some number of bronze bars. These you can use to make the shield facings. For the shield body, you have the materials available to you inside Tir Na Nog. The problem comes when you get to the point of having to make Iron shields. There is no identified source of Iron.

Now for some good news about this...Mythic has stated this is a bug and that it should be corrected soon, some of us are hoping for the correction this Tuesday during the next scheduled patch.

-- Coyan

Our appreciation goes to Kaelin, Gandiff and Ceari (along with others that did not include their character name) for sending in updated information for the site. You will find the NPC merchant listing has been brought current.

Thanks so much to all the folks that have sent us kind words about the site.   Its wonderful to know that we have helped the folks of Hibernia to understand and better enjoy the art of crafting.

We want to give special thanks to Kaelin for the additional info regarding Fletching.  You will find that the table page has been updated with the info Kaelin has provided. 

We now have a Forum on ez boards that everyone can post to and help each other with the trade skills of Hibernia. It's likely we will not stay with the ez board format due to the constant flow of ads they pop up on the screen.

Lastly, we want to thank Redoak for his contribution of the new table located on the updated color codes page.  Great job Redoak!

-- Astrina and Coyan

News October 11th, 2001
Our site isn't all done up in pretty pictures or incredible soundtracks, its about information and getting it to you in a clear and concise format. As we continue to add to the site we will add graphics here and there, don't expect sound, we don't particularly like that on a website.

-- Astrina

Well after a wonderful evening on Percival we do have some news.

First they have added the ability to make shields with trade skills. We will add info on that as soon as we can gather enough information to be useful.
Two problems with it at the moment though, first weaponcrafters are the ones that make them, odd to me, but maybe that is the way it is suppose to works. Second, the shield facings require bronze to make, and Hibernia doesn't have that metal available. I suspect this will be corrected soon.

Next, one of the things we haven't added to our site yet is what is warmly referred to as trinkets. These are those little items you can make with the support skills that don't really have a use. Breadboards, hinges, brackets, etc. I will add info about them soon though. They do have one purpose so far, that is to allow you to work on your support skills and not just throw coin away. For instance if you make a Mace head using weapon skills, it will sell for 0 coin. Not a very good way to improve your skills. If you make a hinge, it will take considerably less metal and it will sell for a small amount of coin, allowing you to get back a little of that coin you are investing.

In the meantime, enjoy DAoC and the trade skills and feel free to look Astrina or me up on Percival, we should be there most evenings.
Have Fun!

-- Coyan

News October 10th, 2001
We are going to be starting a roleplaying tradesmen guild on Percival server.   If you are interested contact Astrina or Coyan in game.

-- Astrina

We recieved our bundles of joy and are working hard on our skills and collecting more information that will go up here in the next week or so.  Feel free to join us and enjoy the roleplaying on Percival.  See you in the world of wonder known as Percival!

-- Coyan

News October 9th, 2001
We are both waiting for the morning to see if Mr Fedex brings our bundles of joy.   We both should be playing by the afternoon PST.  Look us up if you want, we will both be on Percival.  NOTE: Sanya said that there will be TWO RP servers, we will be trying for Percival but if that doesn't work out then to Guinevere we will go!   May our paths cross in the world that awaits us.

-- Astrina and Coyan

News October 8th, 2001
The weaponcrafting guidelines are up and the links are good, but the Melee weapons page still needs to be completed. Should be up this evening.

-- Astrina

Added a link at the bottom of this page for the Dark Age of Camelot web ring. If you don't know what a web ring is, go to their main site by clicking on the web ring link on the image, and read about how web rings work. They are a great way for many sites, that cover similar information, to link together. You will find some excellent sites on the ring that can help you to better understand Dark Age of Camelot.

The page for Melee weapons under the Finished items is up now.  If you are so inclined, check it out!
Added a map of Tir Na Nog and a list of NPCs that you will find very helpful with consignments, courtesy of Astrina.

One more note, the page for scale armor under the finished items header is up as well.   That completes the information we have at hand.  Look forward to updates and new information as we collect and figure more things out about the Hibernian trade skills.

-- Coyan

News October 7th, 2001

Second day and we are working hard to get all the information up and available. Again, if you see anything that will make the site better or more informative, please contact us.

All the guidelines but the weaponcraft guidelines are up.  The finished items section is still missing the scale armor and weapons pages, perhaps tomorrow we will get them done.  For this evening, its time to call it a night.

-- Coyan and Astrina

News October 6th, 2001

  First day up and on the web. Within the pages of this site you will find all you should need to begin and continue a successful career in trade skills for Dark Age of Camelot. Please keep in mind that the information is based upon the Beta 4 version of the game. Once Dark Age of Camelot is released we will confirm and update any of the information that changes.

As new trade skills are added or old ones are enhanced we will do all in our power to update the information here.

If you find an error or have additional information that will add to the content of this site, please contact us and allow us to post the information so all of Hibernia can benefit!

For those of you who have sites and would like us to put a link to your site here, please contact us and we will be happy to add you to our link page.

-- Astrina and Coyan