Not only do you want to do trade skills, but you want to make a profit? What are you thinking? Aren’t you used to making lots of inane objects just to get your skill up 1 point? Then you find that you can’t sell them or make any kind of profit from them?

Well in the wonderful world of Dark Age of Camelot things are not quite so dull. Here in our fine Realm of Hibernia you can actually make useful things and make a profit too!

As you work your skills and hone your tools you can do a task or two for your craft Master. He or she would be the person you spoke to when you joined the trade guild you are now a proud member of.
Note: There is one exception to this in Beta 4, if you spoke to Dunstan to become a crafter of armor, you will have to speak to Tegvan to get your tasks. I haven't figured out why this is, perhaps they share the burden of master of the art of Armorcraft.
Here are the steps needed to start and complete a consignment and actually make a profit in the process.
  1. First I would recommend you make a nice macro that will speed up the process of asking for a task. You will probably be doing many of them to keep your coin and increase your skill at the same time. To make a macro you type /macro {the thing you want to macro}. To make a macro that will simplify asking your master for a task do the following: /macro /whisper task. Once you do this you will have a very odd looking button attached to your mouse pointer, take that odd looking button and put it in your quick bar. This will help in a few ways. First it will allow you to quickly target your Master and then click the button and get a task for your next consignment. Second it will keep the spam of “task” being said by the 100 other fine Hibernians all practicing their skills.
  2. Now that you understand how to get a task from your master, go and do it! Target your master and click that odd little button. You will see a box pop out of nowhere in the top left corner and it will say you have been assigned a task! Look in the window above your chat window and see what you need to make and for whom you need to make it. I won’t go into the details of how to make it, you can find that information on the other pages here at the magical realm of Hibernian Trade skills.
  3. Once you have completed making the item you now need to find the person for whom you have made it. This person (NPC) will be somewhere in the city of Tir Na Nog. There are a few ways to find the person, I would recommend you get a list of all the folks in the city and a map of where you can find them. Barring that I would look for the closest guardian or sentinel and ask them. Hmm, so how do you ask them? What you do it target them, they type /where {NPC name}. Make sure you spell the person’s name right and completely. If you have done so, the Guardian/Sentinel will physically point the direction you can find them.
  4. Now you are standing in front of the person you have made the item for and you seem a bit lost? Well just give the item to them. Click left on the item in your inventory and then “drop” it on them. They will thank you for the item and give you coin!
  5. You have completed your first consignment! Count your coin, tuck it quietly away in your coin purse and step away feeling good you have made a profit
You can start doing consignments right from the beginning of your career. You won’t start by making gold hand over fist, but you will make a profit. In the beginning you may only make a few copper in profit, but after your skill has improved and the gear you work on gets more difficult and of a higher quality, you will make a larger profit.

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