Sad News Thursday, April 11th, 2002
Magical Realms of Hybernia site is no more

We apologize to the DAoC community for the lack of updates to this site, shortly after the last update we found ourselves busy with other aspects of our life. We will no longer keep the information up on this site. The site may well be replaced with a new interest we have and so...without further ado. The magical realm of Hibernia site will be removed in one week. Any information that may still be of use to the community may be taken from the site and used as each of you sees fit. We hope that you efforts in DAoC continue to be entertaining and pleasurable.

-- Coyan and Astrina

Update and News Friday, November 16th, 2001
Fletching errors corrected

Kibo Mori brought some errors to our attention that were in the fletching tables. We have corrected the cost to make the broadhead standard and rough flight arrows.

Changes to consignments across all trades

In the most recent patch, Mythic has reduced consignment profits by 2-3% across all items in trades. They have also changed the materials needed for some of the high end weapons. As we confirm the information we will update each page in turn.

There have also been quite a number of weapons added that are unique to weaponcrafters. Among them are Guarded Rapier, Sickle, Crescent, Great Falcata, Sledge Hammer, Pick Hammer and Hooked spear. These all become available to smiths right around the 500 level of skill. I believe the least material they are made from is Cobalt. Once we collect all the details we will add them to the weapon's page.

We have added the new weapon information to the weapons page under finished items. We still don't have accurate skill requirements for the cobalt material, once we have them we will update the page.

-- Coyan

Changes made to suggested pricing page

Due to the unfairness of posting a price list for leather to smiths of only 3%, we have added a suggested table of 20% over cost for leather goods to smiths and removed the 3% suggested. We agree that it is unfair that the tailors of our Realm are called upon to almost give away their goods to smiths, while other trades folks can get reasonable prices for their ware. Even with a 20% markup from cost, the armorsmiths are still getting the leather good at 15% to 20% less than it would cost them to buy from a merchant.

-- Astrina

Update Friday, November 9th, 2001
Suggested Pricing updated

We have added Scale armor to the suggested pricing page.

Scale Armor Costs updated

We are updating the Scale Armor page under the finished items list.

-- Coyan

Update Thursday, November 8th, 2001
Suggested Pricing updated

We have added Reinforced armor to the suggested pricing page.

-- Coyan

News Wednesday, November 7th, 2001

We want to apologize for not having an update in the last few days, real life has its ways of getting in the way. We should be making some significant updates over the next few days.

The Request fulfilled!

We have gotten quite a few responses to our request and it has confirmed what was suspected. The consignment coin we all received varies based upon both quality and material level. We will be updating all the tables in the next few days to reflect all the new information that has been sent to us.
Thanks a bunch for all the responses, this should help many folks better understand the consignments and the coin that can be made by doing them.

Cloth Armor
Leather Armor
Reinforced Armor

-- Astrina and Coyan

TradeHelper V1.2

We recently received an email from Will Dobbins about TradeHelper V1.2, here is what he had to say:

Just wanted to let you know that TradeHelper v1.2 has been released.
TradeHelper is an application which plays an audio file after success or
failure while crafting. This has been confirmed by Mythic to not be an

Program available at:
Update News:

-- Coyan

Question about Suggested Pricing

Recently we received an email that expressed a concern about the suggested pricing page. Please understand these are suggested prices, they are what we use when working with players and smiths. Second, the 85% of Merchants cost came into question for those items that aren't sold by merchants. This is how we figured the pricing out to remain somewhat consistant for our selling ideas. The cost to make an item is very close to 66% of the merchants sale price. So we took that and extended it through the last two levels of materials and determined an approximate price the Merchant would sell the item for, we then too 85% of that to fill out our tables.
Again, please remember these are just suggested prices, to help everyone get started on their way to figuring out what and how they want to price items for the other players in their realm. Take what we have and change it as you see fit and as it suits you.

-- Astrina

Updates, Additions and a Request Thursday, November 1st, 2001
Finished Items Updates

We are updating all the finished item pages by adding headers on all the tables due to popular request.

Update to Color Codes Page

We have made a change to the color codes page reflecting the reduction in skill gain while crafting at the higher levels. Suffice it to say, as your skill goes above 250, your chance of gaining a skill point in your primary trade skill starts to drop. Once you hit 500, it seems like 1 in 10 successful constructions gains you a point in your primary trade skill.

-- Coyan

New page for Pricing!

We are adding a suggested pricing page that will have suggested prices for each of the different finished items.

-- Astrina

A Request

From what we have been seeing and hearing, it seems the coin you get from a consignment varies. We know it varies based upon quality, what we didn't realize is, it also varies based upon the material level of the item.
Here is our request...if you have the time, a pencil and some paper; would you please send us the following information. We need the quality of the item you delivered, the material the item is made from and the coin you were given for the consignment. We only need like 4 examples from each person willing to contribute.
Here is an example of what we need:

ITEM               Qual    Copper
Brocade Vest -- 92% -- 9250
Brocade Vest -- 91% -- 9175
Silk Sleeves -- 94% --12840

-- Astrina and Coyan

Updates October 29th, 2001
Other Links updated

Lothoadin has updated his Trade skill tool and has put it on the web to be downloaded. We have put a link to his download location on the Other Links page so you can get the tool. This tool can make a huge difference when doing trade skills, provided you have a second computer available and have Excel installed on it.

-- Astrina

Tips and Tricks updated

We have added another tip to our Tips and Tricks page dealing with fletching. This tip comes from two folks. Thanks goes to Findeluen and Aurorae, both from Percival.

-- Coyan

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