Guidelines for Siege Crafting

Well we have started to gather information on Siegecrafting. The first thing to understand is the basics of siegecrafting, as have been posted in a few places.

To construct a siegecraft requires the support of all the primary trade skills. Once any crafter is near the skill level of 500, they will start to see the siege craft items start to fill in. At 500 all the elm siege crafts will be yellow on their menu, so an average chance of being successful.

The crafter that will be making the weapon of war will need all items transferred to them. Don't forget to protect them from the enemy, they will be seriously encumbered. We believe that the items needed for construction can be dropped within about a 10 foot radius and build from there.

There are three (3) different types of siege weapons: the Ballista, the Battering Ram, and the Catapult.

Ballista: Used to take out enemy siege weapons from a distance.

Catapult: Used to do area effect damage to enemy players, doors, siege equipment, although it is less accurate.

Battering Ram: used to take down gates, doors, or enemy siege equipment. Extremely short range.

Once you have acquired a "siege weapon", use "/control" to assume control of it. Anyone who has the siegecraft crafting skill will be able to assume control of a siege engine. Anyone who starts a tradeskill will get a 1 in Siegecraft to begin with. In the future, additional classes will have this ability as well. Only one person can be in control of a siege weapon at a time.

Once you have assumed control, a window will be displayed with siege engine options on it:

Aiming (AIM)

To aim a ballista or battering ram, first select the target. In the case of a battering ram, usually a door is selected. If it is a ballista, another siege weapon is usually selected. In the case of a catapult, use the area targeting key (F5 by default) to select the area that you want to damage. Then click the "Aim" button. This locks the siege weapon on to the target.

Arming (ARM)

Use this button to put the siege weapon in the "ready to fire" position. This could take anywhere from 15-30 seconds, depending on the siege weapon.

Loading (LOAD)

For Ballistae and Catapults, you must load appropriate ammo before firing. You do this by first directly dropping ammo from your inventory onto the siege weapon, then selecting the ammo you wish to fire out of the list of ammo in the siege control window and clicking the "load" button. Battering Rams do not require ammo.

Firing (FIRE)

Fires the siege weapon.

These are the items you can make once you have a skill of 500 in any of the primary trade skills.

for all rams (small rams, Rams, and Siege Rams) you need the following trade skill crafted items:
  1 ferrite cladding
 For an ELM ram:
  1 ferrite ram beak
  2 tanned swing harness
You will also need 625 pieces of Elm wooden boards for the small ram.

For all Ballistas (Scorpions, Ballistas, Palintones) you need the following trade skill crafted items:
  1 ferrite gimbal
 For an Elm ballista:
  2 linen cables
  1 ferrite spring arms
You will also need 750 pieces of Elm wooden boards for the Scorpion.

For all Catapults (Onager, Catapult, Tebucket) you need the following trade skill crafted items:
  1 elm bucket
 For an Elm Catapult:
  1 tanned cushion
  2 ferrite winding cranks
You will also need 1200 pieces of Elm wooden boards for the Onager.

These are the crafted item details we have so far:

**Note from Devon: These items are yellow at 500 armorcrafting skill.
Ram Cladding takes about 1 minute 30 seconds to produce. I've yet to try the others.

Ram Cladding
  Ferrite     140 ferrite metal bars

  Ferrite     400 ferrite metal bars

  Elm     400 ferrite metal bars

  Elm     400 ferrite metal bars

These items are yellow at 500 tailoring

Swing Harness
  Tanned     36 ferrite metal bars, 110 tanned leather, 20 linen thread

Ballista trigger -- note this is not listed as required above.
  Ferrite     100 ferrite metal bars, 300 tanned leather, 450 linen cloth

Arm Cushion
  Tanned     100 ferrite metal bars, 400 tanned leather, 400 linen cloth

Please understand we are just getting the details about siegecraft. As we collect more information we will update and reformat this page. If you have created a siegecraft, or have additional information that will help to improve this page, please contact us.

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