Tip and Tricks of Trades
Moving Support or Pure Skills

This is Findeluen.  Just wanted to give you a couple tips to help bring crafting skills up in some of the more difficult skill ranges.  I'll start with the obvious.  You have what I will refer to as your "single" skills or "pure" skills, such as Clothworking, Metalworking, Woodworking, and Leatherworking.  Then you have your "combination" skills, which combine multiple products into one part, such as Weaponcraft, Armorcraft, Tailoring, and Fletching.

Once you get your pure skills into the very high levels, it can become increasingly difficult and expensive to raise them.  Through the use of low level combination skills, you can easily raise these pure skills.  Let me give an example scenario.

As a Fletcher, I have -

1 Weaponcraft
1 Armorcraft
1 Tailoring
1 Leatherworking
400 Fletching
350 Clothworking
380 Woodworking
370 Metalworking

I notice that my Clothworking skill is a bit low, and I want to bring it up to level with my fletching skill.  Now I could simply make dolls and puppets that are directly in the Clothworking skill tree, but at the 350 level, this can get very expensive.   Instead, I can use the Tailoring skill, which uses a combination of Clothworking and Leatherworking.  Since my skill in Tailoring is so low, I'm going to be working with very cheap parts around the copper/silver range.  Virtually every piece of armor I make with the Tailoring skill will raise my Tailoring, Leatherworking, AND Clothworking. Even though my Clothworking skill is extremely high, I will still get skill increases with every tailored item I make.

The same situation applies to Metalworking.  Rather than making expensive cobalt hinges, I can make copper weapons, and through the Weaponcraft skill I will raise Weaponcraft, Leatherworking, AND Metalworking, even though my Metalworking skill is extremely high.

Tidbits of tips

For armorcrafters, leaf strips are sold by Geryn as strips.

For all tradesfolks, you can stack those piles of materials,  they come in stacks of 20, you can stack up to 100.  Just left click on a stack of 20 and drop them onto another stack.

For Fletchers, there are some arrows, we believe they are the footed variety, that require a lathe to produce.  The Lathe can be found right across from the Forge, its often very lonely.

For everyone, there are 3 types of dyes.  Cloth dyes, leather dyes and enamel dyes.  using them is obvious except for a few exceptions.   Shields and reinforced require enamel dyes, cloaks require cloth dyes.

Fletching Tips

To make money when doing fletching consignments I feel that delivering bows is the most rewarding. 

You can influence the tasks you are given to always get bows at certain skill levels.   First let your metalworking drop below the skill required to make the next metal arrow by 15 points.  This will allow the Master to only give you wooden arrows or bow delivery tasks.  

At certain skill ranges by keeping your woodworking at the minimum to make the item (item skill -15) you can then cause the Master to give you only bow tasks.  The skill ranges in which you can do this are: 36-60, 71-85, 106-135, 141-160, 176-185, 211-235, 246-260, 281-310 and 316+.

For example with a fletching skill of 36 and a woodworking skill of 20 I can make a Rowan Short Recurve Bow.  However, I cannot make Blunt Rough Arrows because my woodworking skill is too low (requires 30 woodworking) and I will not be given delivery tasks for Blunt Rough Clout arrows because they are too easy (25 points lower than my current skill).   Therefore at the skill level 36-60 the only thing the Master can give me to deliver is Rowan Short Recurve Bows.  (60 skill being the max because at that point they are too easy).  Now making the bows will give you the chance of raising your woodworking skill, but it seems to be less likely than when making arrows, and as long as your woodworking stays under 30 you will still be making only bows.

If you do get an arrow task make two sets of 20 arrows and stack them.  Then turn in all 40 and you will make twice the money and twice the skill attempts for one run around town.  If you want rapid skill increase without the total loss of money when power leveling, you could allow clothworking to fall behind and only deliver arrows in this method.

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