Why Do Trades?

So your asking yourself…why do this? What is the benefit to me or to my realm? What can trade skills possibly benefit anyone, especially me?

1. What is the difference between an item I create and the same item a merchant sells.

When a fellow Hibernian buys lets say a leather vest they are getting a lower quality item than what you can make. To better explain this we need to look at the definition of an item.

Besides the normal values that go with the type of equipment there are always 3 values that directly affect the life and usefulness of an item. These are Condition, Durability and Quality.
  • Condition is the current condition of an item. It always starts at 100% and as the item is used it slowly drops in value. How fast this value drops is dependent on the quality of the item. Once it gets around 80% the person using it will get a message stating that the armor/weapon is in need of repair. When and if it drops to around 70% the person will get a message stating the armor/weapon is in dire need of repair. At some point below this value, the item will fall from their body and be made useless. In all three cases they can take the item to a Smith and have it repaired back to a condition of 100%.
  • Durability is the life of the item, or how long it will be useful and how many times it can be repaired. This also starts at 100% whether it is bought or made. When a person gets a piece of equipment repaired, the Durability drops in value. How much it drops we believe depends on the condition that the item is at when repaired and the quality of the item.
  • Quality is where there is a serious difference between merchant bought and player made. Notice that the first two values both depend on the quality of the item. That means the higher the quality of the item, the longer the item will last and remain useful. When a player buys an item from a merchant, the quality is always 85%. When you as a tradesperson make an item, it is always at least 90%. So right from the start you are offering your fellow hibernian’s a higher quality item.
2. Can I benefit from doing trade skills?

YES you can! There are at least two ways you can benefit from doing trade skills, first you can make coin from doing it, and second you can provide yourself equipment that is higher quality and therefore longer lasting. A third way you can benefit is the fact that you can repair your own and other’s equipment, saving coin and in some cases time.
  • Making coin. There are 2 ways to actually see a profit with trade skills, consignments and fellow hibernian sales.
    • Consignments are tasks that your Master will give you to make a certain item for another NPC in the city. To understand consignments better go to the consignment page.
    • Selling to fellow Hibernians is a surefire way to make coin, but you have to find someone that wants you to make them an item or three. The price is of course negotiable and is up to you to decide. When deciding what to sell your ware for to other Hibernians keep this in mind, your items are of higher quality than what the merchants sell and depending where you sell your ware, there is always convenience. Your cost to create an item is about 60% of the price that the same item is sold for by a merchant, so you stand to make a profit even if you sell your ware for less than the Merchants going price. We would recommend selling your ware for about 25% more than what it costs you to make the item. This way you are still cheaper than the Merchants price and you will make a profit from the sale. After all we are all here to defeat the heathen that reside in Albion and Midgard.
  • Providing yourself high quality equipment. It just so happens that the skills that your profession can delve into are the same that you can or will be able to use. For instance a Naturalist and all its Paths can do armorcrafting. You say that your 5th level and you can’t wear reinforced as a Druid? Well be patient and once you attain 10th level you will be able to wear it. Once you as a Druid get to 20th you can actually wear Scale armor like your Arms Way brothers and Sisters. You will be able to provide both yourself and others with the equipment you and they need to defeat our enemy.
  • Lastly is the Smithing aspect of your craft. As you use and wear your equipment it wears down. This requires a trip to the local smith. As your equipment gets more expensive and effective, so does the cost of having a smith repair it. As a tradesperson you can smith any gear that you can make, this can greatly reduce the cost of maintaining your gear at higher levels. Not to mention that others will find your skills very helpful and handy. You may even be able to make a bit of coin in the process.
Overall there is a great need for folks to take up the hammer as well as the sword, and to wield the wood plane as well as the Bow. Without the skills of a tradesperson, there can be no armor and weapons for those who fight the good fight on the frontier of our realm.

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