Starting out with trade skills in Hibernia

Piles of leather, cloth, feathers, wood and metal lay about you... where do you start? What piece shall you pick up to begin your crafting career in Hibernia?

Each class has specific talents associated with it and allows your basic instincts to lead you off into one of the following directions:

As a Guardian, Hero, Blademaster, Champion or Bard, you may choose either weaponcrafting or armorcrafting.

As a Stalker you may choose either tailoring or fletching.

As a Nightshade or Ranger you may choose either weaponcrafting, tailoring or fletching.

As a Naturalist, Druid or Warden, you feel pulled towards armorcrafting.

As a Magician, Enchanter, Mentalist or Eldritch, you feel pulled towards tailoring.

Notice that some professions have more than one choice.  This makes for an important decision. Make sure you choose the correct master that specializes in the PRIMARY trade skill you wish to focus on. Once you join with a particular trade guild, this will be your primary trade skill and it is final, so choose carefully.

So what are these trade skills?  Here is a summary of what each includes:

Armorcrafting Creating reinforced and scale armor.
Weaponcrafting Creating the melee weapons of our realm.  It does not include Staves.
Tailoring Creating Cloth and Leather armor.
Fletching Creating Bows and arrows.

Masters in Hibernia:
Weaponcrafting Hendrika
Armorcrafting Dunstan
Fletching Arziqua
Tailoring Armin

You can locate these masters by walking up to any guardian within the city (targeting him/her) and saying /where Armin etc. The Guardian will then point in the general direction to find that particular NPC. You can continue speaking to Guardians along the way to get more direction as you go.

Once you find the master of your choosing, simply right click on him or her and then accept their offer to join. After accepting you will receive one skill point in every trade skill that applies to your class.

Each primary trade skill has a set of support skills within it. These support skills can be maintained up to 100% of your primary skill. Support skills are skills you will need in order to make many of the items within your primary.

If you have chosen Armorcrafting, the support skills are clothworking, metalworking and leatherworking.

If you have chosen Weaponcrafting, the support skills are metalworking, woodworking and leatherworking.

If you have chosen Tailoring, the support skills are clothworking and leatherworking.

If you have chosen Fletching, the support skills are woodworking, clothworking and metalworking.

Basically, the primary skills are (can be learned to maximum):


Support skills (dependant on primary selected):


Secondary skills are those primary skills you choose to learn, but are not your primary. For example, if you choose to be a Fletcher, but decide to work a bit here and there on Weaponcrafting, the maximum you would be able to learn under that skill would be 75% of your Fletching skill. So, lets say you have a 100 fletching skill, which means you can only get your weaponcrafting skill up to a maximum of 75. So, whatever number skill your fletching is at, you can figure your weaponcrafting can only be 75% of that number.

Secondary Skills and percentages (primary skills are boldfaced, secondary italicized):

  Weaponcraft Armorcraft Tailoring Fletching Siegecraft
Weaponcraft   75% 40% 40% 75%
Armorcraft 75%   75% 40% 40%
Tailoring 40% 40%   75% 40%
Fletching 75% 40% 40%   75%

Contemplate your desires in trade skills, make sure the entire picture fits your needs. If you wish to work on Siegecraft (and since this cannot be a primary skill) make sure you choose a primary that allows you to get 75% of Siegecrafting.

For more details on the individual skills, please go to the specifics of weaponcrafting, armorcrafting, tailoring and fletching guidelines.

Good luck and happy crafting!

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