Guidelines for Tailoring
If you are not certain you want to be a Tailor, visit our starting out page for more information on each trade.

Now that you are certain that tailoring is the route you wish to travel in the crafting world…you have a long road ahead to become a Master at your trade.

When you arrive in the crafting area in Tir Na Nog, you will need to locate the Master of Tailoring. The NPC you will be looking for is Armin. Once you have found him, simply right click on him and join the Tailoring guild by accepting his invitation.

If you select your hand menu (skills menu) you will notice that you now have one skill point in all the trade skill areas. Since you have selected tailoring as your primary skill, this will allow you to work on clothworking and leatherworking support skills up to 100% of your tailoring skill.

Icon_Cloth.jpg (3010 bytes) Now what? Well, it’s time to jump in and see what you can create. First off, you are going to need to grab the tailoring icon from the hand menu and drag it to your active quickbar (hotkey bar). We suggest placing this in a section further back on your bar, maybe on page 3 or 4.

Once the icon is in your quickbar, click on it. A menu will come up with all the items that you will learn how to make.

For details on the ingredients and costs for leather, press here.
For details on the ingredients and costs for cloth, press here.

Tailoring is probably one of the most cost efficient trade skills currently available. If you can get 5 silver, you can get started and never fight again (if that is your desire). You can keep your funding up by doing consignments. If you do not wish to do consignments, then more funding will be needed as you go.

Ok, the moment has come…producing your very first item.

Click on your tailoring Icon, from that menu, select woolen by clicking on the small box. You will see that that gloves take a skill of 15 to make and the words themselves are colored orange (click here to understand color coding). You will be making a few of these, so go ahead and grab the glove icon and pull it to your quickbar.

Now right click on the icon for the gloves. A pop up window will tell you all the ingredients you need to produce this item. In this case, we will need 4 woolen cloth, 3 woolen thread and 2 rawhide leather. Leather, thread and cloth is all sold in bundles of 20. Purchase one bundle of each. Oh, and don’t forget the sewing kit! You will need this to make your goods. Just keep the kit in your inventory and you can tailor goods wherever you go.

Once the items are in your inventory, all you need to do now is…produce! Press the icon you placed in your quickbar to begin making the gloves. You will see this message…

You begin to work on the gloves.

Don’t move! If you do, you will lose concentration and have to start over. In a moment or two, you will see one of the following messages…

You successfully make the gloves!
You fail at making the gloves, but lose no materials.
You fail at making the gloves and lose 1 (number random) woolen thread.

Let’s hope you had a success. =) If you did, then a nice pair of woolen gloves will now be in your inventory…and you will have seen one or more of the following type messages…

You gain skill in Tailoring!
You gain skill in Leatherworking!
You gain skill in Clothworking!

Keep producing items in your tailoring menu. Stick with those colored yellow or orange to gain the greatest skill advances.

Once you hit the wonderful number of 99, you will have to see your Master to upgrade your skills. At that point, you can continue to progress your skills.

Once in a rare while you will get a message…

You don’t have the minimum clothworking (can be any of the support skills) skill to create the gloves.

If you do, don’t stress. Simply look at that skill, it must be within 15 of the skill needed to produce that item. So, if you are trying to make linen gloves (skill needed is 215) and your tailoring is at 210, leatherworking is at 207 and clothworking is at 198 you can tell what you need to do. Work on clothworking alone until your skill reaches 200. Then go back to producing whichever item you were previously.

When working on clothworking alone, you will make puppets and dolls. Just pick the one that is yellow or orange and your clothworking skill will advance so that you can continue tailoring again.

Now you are on your way to becoming a Master Tailor. Even though the road is long and you will spend much time bandaging small cuts on your fingers, it is worthwhile.

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