Guidelines for Weaponcrafting
If you are not certain you want to be a Weaponcrafter, visit our starting out page for more information on each trade.

Now that you are certain that weaponcrafting is the route you wish to travel in the crafting world…you have a long road ahead to become a Master at your trade.

When you arrive in the crafting area in Tir Na Nog, you will need to locate the Master of weaponcrafting. The NPC you will be looking for is Hendrika. Once you have found her, simply right click on her and join the Weaponcrafting guild by accepting her invitation.

If you select your hand menu (skills menu) you will notice that you now have one skill point in all the trade skill areas. Since you have selected weaponcrafting as your primary skill, this will allow you to work on leatherworking, metalworking and woodworking support skills up to 100% of your weaponcrafting skill.

Icon_Weapon.jpg (2880 bytes) Now what? Well, it’s time to jump in and see what you can create. First off, you are going to need to grab the weaponcrafting icon from the hand menu and drag it to your active quickbar (hotkey bar). We suggest placing this in a section further back on your bars, maybe on page 3 or 4.

Once the icon is in your quickbar, click on it. A menu will come up with all the items that you will learn how to make.

For details on the ingredients and costs for weapons, press here.

Ok, the moment has come…producing your very first item.

Click on your weaponcrafting Icon, from that menu, select short swords by clicking on the small box. You will see that that copper short sword take a skill of 15 to make and the words themselves are colored orange (click here to understand color coding). You will be making a few of these, so go ahead and grab the short sword icon and pull it to your quickbar.

Now right click on the icon for the short sword. A pop up window will tell you all the ingredients you need to produce this item. In this case it lists a copper short sword blade, and a short sword hilt. Hmm... how do we make those you ask? Well now we need to grab the metalworking and the leatherworking icons from our hand menu (skills menu). Grab those two icons and drag them to your hotkey bar. That bar is getting crowded now, you might want organized the icons so you can place one more icon either just above or just below each of these icons. These two icons/buttons work just like the weaponcrafting icon. Click left on the metalworking button and you will see a list of the many things you can make with metalworking. The first one you will see is the short sword blade. Click on the box next to that word and you will see a copper short sword blade, in orange, in the list. now click on that short sword icon and drag it to just below the metalworking button on your quickbar. Do the same with leatherworking, but for the short sword hilt.
Now right click on the short sword blade icon. We will need 10 copper bars to make this item, write that down or keep track of it on whatever list you may be using.
Now right click on the short sword hilt icon. We will need 1 copper bar, 1 rawhide leather and 1 rowan wooden board.
All these materials come in stacks of 20 so we have to purchase one stack of 20 bars, one stack of 20 rawhide leather and 1 stack of rowan wooden boards. Don't forget to pick up a smith's hammer, sewing kit and a planing tool. Keep these three tools somewhere in your inventory, I would recommend in your last pack, at the bottom. You only need to have them with you, you don't have to "use" them actively.
Now head over to the forge and we can start to make that shiny new short sword you are itching to make.

Once the items are in your inventory, all you need to do now is…produce! Head to the forge, its that large brick construct by the palace entrance, and press the short sword hilt icon you placed in your quickbar to begin making the hilt. You will see this message…

You begin to work on the short sword hilt.

Don’t move! If you do, you will lose concentration and have to start over. In a moment or two, you will see one of the following messages…

You successfully make the short sword hilt!
You fail at making the short sword hilt, but lose no materials.
You fail at making the short sword hilt and lose 1 (number random) rowan wooden board (item is random too).

Let’s hope you had a success. =) If you did, then a nice short sword hilt will now be in your inventory…but wait, we aren't done yet. Now we need to do the same for that copper short sword blade. Follow the same steps as for the hilt. Once you have made both the hilt and the blade, you are now ready to make the short sword.

Do you find it odd you haven't seen any skill increases yet? We not to worry, remember that your support skills cannot go above your primary skill, which at the moment is at 1. Since they are also at 1 they cannot increase. As you continue to make weapons though, your weaponcrafting and your support skills that you are using will go up on a regularly.

Now the moment of truth, click on that short sword button. You will again see one of the messages above similar to the messages for the blade and hilt. Hope that you don't lose any material. If you do, go back and make the piece that was lost and continue. Once you succeed you will see one or more of the following messages...

You gain skill in weaponcrafting!
You gain skill in Leatherworking!
You gain skill in Metalworking!

Notice we didn't show anything to do with woodworking. Well, you won't get skill in woodworking unless you are making something with wood, and no the hilt doesn't count. You will find that some of the weapons, notably the blunt weapons and spears use hafts rather than hilts. These can be found in the woodworking support skill menu. When you make one of those weapons you will see woodworking skill go up rather than leatherworking, they are sort of exclusive skills with weaponcrafting.

Keep producing items in your weaponcrafting menu. Stick with those colored yellow or orange to gain the greatest skill advances. If you want to keep the material needs to a minimum try to stick to weapons that use the least amount of material. Look at the finished items (Melee weapons) on this site to get a list of the materials needed for all weapons currently available.

Once you hit the wonderful number of 99, you will have to see your Master to upgrade your skills. At that point, you can continue to progress your skills.

When working on either woodworking or leatherworking alone, you will make trinkets. They are the items listed last on the support skill menu, breadboards and the like. Just pick the one that is yellow or orange and your support skill will advance so that you can continue weaponcrafting with the material you were falling behind on.

Now you are on your way to becoming a Master weaponcrafter. Even though the road is long and you will spend much time salving your blisters from the heat of the forge, or pulling out splinters, it is worthwhile.

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